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  • Hyosung Cassette Parts
  • Hyosung Cassette Parts

Hyosung Cassette Parts


The Hyosung cassette repair parts include the note separator rollers (Reuse the shaft), reverse roller and three picker rubbers.  These are new parts that our repair shop uses to repair our cassettes for us and we sell the parts to them.  Any and all parts are thoroughly tested before we introduce them to our customers.  Shaft for note separator rollers are not included.  Reuse the original shaft from your cassette.  Cassette parts will fit in cassettes for the models below:

1500, 1800CE, 1800SE, 2700, 2700T, 2800, 2800T, 5200, 5200T, 5000CE, HALO 2, HALO, HALOS and more


Hyoosung note separator
Hyosung note separator
Hyosung reverse roiller
Hyosung reverse roller
Hyosung picker rubbers
Hyosung picker rubbers

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