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ATM sales and service from Hyosung, GenMega and Hantle ATM’s from ATM’s America.  Our best sellers are the Genmega G2500 and Hyosung Halo 2. These ATM’s are the most reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and have a lower purchase price than comparable ATM’s.  We want to supply the best available product and service to our customers just as we have been doing for the last twenty plus years.  We can also offer the best price on these ATM machines due to our volume purchasing power.  These are great for all locations even other low lighting locations since it has an illuminated keypad and all but eliminates an incorrect pin entry.  The lighted topper is optional.  Our best sellers from left to right are the Hyosung Force, Halo 2, Genmega G2500 and the Onyx.  Most locations can benefit from the low cost of the Genmega G2500 and Hyosung Halo 2 but for a couple of hundred more you can move up to the Hyosung Force or Genmega Onyx.

The Hyosung Force and Genmega Onyx are great for any location but they really shine in upscale hotels.  The Force with its’ 12 inch display, touch function keys and integrated topper make it really stand out.  We typically put the Hyosung Force in the larger hotels with 250+ rooms and the Genmega Onyx in the mid range hotels with 150+ rooms.  The Genmega G2500 is a really good, low cost ATM that will fit right in at gas stations, night clubs, C-stores and more.  The Hyosung Halo 2, while a little more expensive than the Genmega G2500 has a 10 inch display verses the G2500 8 inch display.  On these points it is really just a matter of what you like best.

Hyosung MX2800SE
Hyosung Halo 2 ATM
Genmega G2500 ATM
Genmega Onyx ATM Machine

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