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ATM’s America is a direct importer of the same parts and supplies with no middle man!

We are fortunate to have reliable suppliers and that we have formed lasting relationships with them over the years.  Every ATM company has the same parts at pretty much the same price.  This is where ATM’s America is different. For the common wear items such as card readers, cassette parts, LCD displays, LED signs, cellular routers and other repair parts, we have the best prices.  We do this by eliminating the middle man that makes things cost more.  Even in good times this is important but to have a dependable supply chain in place any time is a big benefit to us and our customers.  We increased our inventory for the most common items and added many more much needed parts for our customers.   By doing so we were prepared for what has been happening and looks like to be the new normal going forward.  Our staff has not been reduced and will not be anytime soon and we have added more dedicated staff to serve our customers.

Do you want the best free ATM processing? Call 800-519-9808 and ask for Nichole or Ariel. ATM Houston is an ISO sponsored by PATHWARD bank. ATM Houston processes all ATM transactions through Digital Network Solutions (DNS). The president of DNS is a former partner and VP of CDS.

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