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ATM’s America is a direct importer of the same parts and supplies with no middle man!

We are fortunate to have reliable suppliers and that we have formed lasting relationships with over the years.  Every ATM company has the same parts at pretty much the same price.  This is where ATM’s America is different.  For the common wear items such as card readers, cassette parts, LCD displays, LED signs, cellular routers and other repair parts, we have the best prices.  We do this by eliminating the middle man that makes things cost more.  Even in good times this is important but to have a dependable supply chain in place any time is a big benefit to us and our customers.  We increased our inventory for the most common items and added many more much needed parts for our customers.   By doing so we were prepared for what has been happening and looks like to be the new normal going forward.  Our staff has not been reduced and will not be anytime soon.

ATM’s America – ATM Machines

At ATM’s America we provide the latest ATM technology from Hyosung, Genmega and Hantle.  ATM’s America is your one stop for ATM machines, parts, supplies and accessories and free ATM placement across the lower 48. We ship parts, supplies and accessories to the lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii,  Puerto Rico and Canada.  We provide ATM service for hotels,  office buildings, retail, restaurants, nightclubs, convenience and grocery stores or other high traffic areas.  All of our hotel locations and office buildings come with custom wood enclosures to match the decor.   We know and provide exactly what you need and want.

ATM Machines We Service

Currently we sell and service Hyosung, GenMega and  Hantle ATM’s. Our best sellers are the Hyosung and Genmega line of machines. We have found that these ATM’s are the most reliable,  are aesthetically pleasing, and have a lower purchase price than comparable ATM’s.  We also work on Triton and Hantle ATM’s but they are a very small part of our service business.  ATM’s America supplies the best available products and service to our customers just as we have been doing for the last 21+ years.  While we always have very competitive prices, we cannot always be the lowest price.  The exception to this is our parts, supplies and accessories pricing.  Importing allot of items from our overseas suppliers has allowed us to eliminate all the extra fees and markup associated with these purchases and the middle men involved.

We Buy Used ATM’s and Parts

We will buy just about any ATM that has been damaged or in need of repair for almost any reason and pay top dollar for used ATM’s.  Why do we buy damaged ATM’s and used parts?  We do have a use for some of the parts that we refurbish and use or to supply our customers with quality refurbished parts at a very deep discount over new parts.  All of our parts come with the same warranty as new parts at a lot lower price.

ATM’s America is a member of several trade organizations to stay on top of new regulations, obtain education and training and to better serve our customers.  Being a member of NAC for the latest news and products for the ATM industry, HLAGH for news and announcements in the hospitality and travel industry, AMOA to keep up with the amusement and music industry and Ariba so hoteliers know that we care about the industry as a whole and are dedicated to compliment the hotels with the best and aesthetically pleasing machines in their lobby.  This gives us much needed information so we are informed of changes coming, trends locally and around the country to proactively make any necessary changes or adjustments to keep us compliant and our clients happy with updated equipment.

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