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July 11, 2019:  We tested the routers on a Genmega and Hyosung ATM today with a T-Mobile SIM card.  We performed a trial daily total and received a response in about 4 seconds.  Every other router we have used over the years has taken from 6-10 seconds.  Only one more step is to get blessing from AT&T that I know of.  The other networks do not require any approval.

July 9, 2019:  Today our new routers tested great with T-Mobile SIM card in it.  The router was hooked up directly to a computer and the speed was the same as our internet from Comcast.  The router is ready for internet fail over as soon as we get the blessing from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint that everything is OK on our end we will be rolling out that product.  Our next round of testing is on Genmega, Hantle and Hyosung ATM’s.

July 2019:  We just returned from China and S Korea to add more suppliers to our list of partners and to visit our current suppliers.  This is a very important step in the growth of our company and to reduce the cost of parts to our valued customers.

We are now the exclusive US distributors now for several suppliers.  This means more parts and products at lower prices.  We are now testing our new cellular routers and should be finished with testing this month.  Expected retail cost to be around $169.00 or less.  Standard data costs expected to be around $4.95 or less per month per carrier for ATM machines.  Our routers will include dual SIM card slots so if your carrier tower is down it will automatically switch to another carrier, micro SD slot to record log files for added support, built in GPS with inline battery backup.  This same router can also be used as internet failover.  Once these products roll out there will be other cellular devices for fleet management, remote cellular switches to turn on or off devices such as irrigation systems.  A cellular gateway is in the works to add IP over cellular hot spots for parks, festivals and other locations where internet is not available.

June 2019: Our new and existing processing customers will now never have to pay for receipt paper, software updates or service calls.  The only thing our customers pay for is the cost of parts if out of warranty.  We stock the most common wear items such as card readers and displays so no waiting to get your ATM back in service.

April 2019:  ATM’s America has moved to our new facility in Spring, TX.  We have a much larger facility now for more inventory.

October 2018:  ATM’s America is a proud sponsor for NAC 2018 “ATM’s Across America at Bally’s Las Vegas.  This year trade show was a huge success for us and the new customers that we now serve.

September 2018: ATM’s America is now a proud member of the Hospitality and Lodging Association of Greater Houston.  This was a great fit for us as a large portion of our locations are hotels.

February 2018: ATM’s America launches the new eCommerce site for everything ATM.  ATM machines, parts, supplies and more can be purchased online through our secure shopping cart and processed with

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