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We offer ATM leasing programs with approved credit to businesses that have been in business at least two years.  Our ATM leasing program includes up to two years parts warranty from the manufacturer.  We offer the same labor warranty at our cost so you do not have to worry about getting hit with labor charges that other companies may and can charge.  ATM manufactures no longer pay any labor on warranty work.  Extended labor warranties are available to cover any service calls or software upgrades necessary.

Below is a representation of what lease would look like based on the expenditure of $2,500.00 installed for the purchase of an ATM.  We work with the leasing company to get your lease payments where you need them.  If your surcharge is $2.50 and you have 100 surcharged transactions per month, you will make the payments easily plus a profit.  With a lease you have low up front expenses and can have the ATM machine paid for while still in warranty.  When the lease runs out there is no reason to upgrade to a new ATM unless you want to.  This following is only an example.

Number of payments: 12+1 24 months 36 months 48 months
Monthly Payment: $208.00 $123.00 $90.00 $75.00
Advanced Payment: $333.00 $371.00 $305.00 $275.00
Remaining Payments: 12 22 34 46

End of Lease Options:

  1. $1.00 Buy Out
  2. Upgrade lease with new equipment
  3. Return the equipment

ATM's America is a member of the National ATM Council

ATM’s America, a division of Financial Products LLC is a member of the National ATM Council

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