Guardian Rod ATM Dehumidifier


The Guardian Rod ATM Dehumidifier

The Guardian Rod ATM Dehumidifier is perfect for ATM’s that are exposed to humid conditions.  With the Guardian Rod the air in the ATM is slightly heated enough in the vault to pull cool air in through the knock outs in the vault, warm it up enough to move it upward and circulates air constantly.  We have been using them for a while now and since we switched from the gun safe dehumidifiers we do not have to dry out and switch them out every time we load cash.  Not only does this save time it saves money.  For more information Click Here

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How it works

The Guardian Rod raises the temperature of the air.  This small heating device that fits inside the ATM and is safe to use around currency is the best option we have found. The Guardian Rod is a small, self-contained heating rod that sits in the bottom of an ATM where it warms and circulates the air inside it. It uses electrical resistance to create warmth and is double insulated to keep your currency completely safe. As the air at the bottom of the ATM is warmed, it naturally rises, passing the currency in the cash cassette and eventually finding it’s way out through the myriad of small openings in the upper parts of the machine. As the light, warm air exits out through the upper openings; cooler, damp air finds it’s way in through the lower parts of the ATM and is warmed by the Guardian Rod. The ATM electronics, rollers, belts, and currency inside have a constant gently moving supply of warm, dry air.


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