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Ursalink UR32 Wireless Router

UR32 Data Sheet

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The all new Ursalink UR32 4G LTE is the most advanced wireless ATM router and Internet failover product on the market today. The UR32 comes with dual SIM card slots and a micro SD card slot.  In having dual SIM cards you have a backup so you have a cellular failover as well as internet failover in one small but powerful package. The basic UR32 also comes with an auto reboot function so you don’t have to manually reboot the router.  This feature eliminates the need to stop what you are doing to reboot the router.  The Ursalink UR32 industrial router is all you need for your ATM communication, internet failure and more.

The Ursalink UR32 has a signal strength meter so you can move the antennae to get a better signal.  The micro SD card stores raw log files for diagnostic purposes.  Absolutely no card data is stored.  Another great feature is that you can get the basic UR32 with all of the below features. The UR32 wireless ATM router can be used for ATM’s, Kiosks, Digital Signage or anything that needs the internet across many sectors of industry.

For more information on our Ursalink UR32 router go to or or  or you can call and talk to one of our technicians.  Customers of ATM’s America have access to tech support cell phone numbers for the routers as well as our ATM operators.  Our customers will always have this advantage with ATM’s America over others that only have a daytime phone to call.

Ursalink Standard Features

Utilizing CAT4 technology with speeds of 150 Mbts verses CAT1 or 1M with speeds up to 10Mbts makes the UR32 much faster than other routers with slower technology, Communication Problems Solved.

Standard Features:

  • Dual SIM slots for dual carrier option
  • Micro SD slot to view raw logs for diagnostics
  • Auto Reboot – No need to stop what you are doing to reboot the router.  You can set it up to reboot automatically and eliminate the need for manual or remote reboot.

Wireless cellular router for ATM communicaton and internet failover

Cellular Communication Uses

  • Communication for ATM Machines
  • Internet Failover
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosks
  • Remote Camera Surveillance
  • Juke Boxes, Golden Tee and more

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