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ATM Vault Corner Bracket


ATM’s America ATM Vault Corner Bracket Assembly

ATM’s America Series 2K universal ATM vault corner bracket will keep your ATM or Kiosk cash safe. Front corner is fabricated with 1/4″ solid steel with either 1/4″ or 3/8″  side plate to fit virtually any ATM vault. Genmega, Hyosung or Hantle. Triton and even Puloon ATM’s can use our corner lock bracket.  All of the front angle pieces are universal for vault doors.

The different side plates are made to accommodate old vaults with no offset in the door lip (1/4″ side plate) Such as Tranax 1700, Hyosung 1800CE, 2700CE and the Puloon ATM’s.  Newer styles of the Genmega and Hantle with the offset lip on the vault door (3/8″ side plate).  The new style of the Genmega G2500 and Onyx where the door is inset in the vault (1/4″ side plate).  The new Hyosung 2600 Halo II and the 2800 Force (3/8″ side plate)  We have fitted these to the ATM’s and know what you need based on the configuration you choose.

Standard color is grey in stock but if you want a different color it will take some time to deliver it to you in the color you want.  There is no extra charge for other colors but we only keep the grey ready to ship the same day.  Other colors may take a week to 10 days ship.  Rust-Oleum paint chart is included below for custom colors.

The brackets come with all the hardware you will need to install it.  Carriage bolts, nuts, flat washers and lock washers.  Locks are not included but you can purchase the Hockey Puck Lock for $34.00.  If you are wanting to order several and want the locks keyed alike we can get them keyed to your company only.  This means that nobody can get the same lock with the same key.

After many years of being frustrated with waiting on back orders from more than one supplier we decided to have them fabricated locally and ALWAYS have what you need in stock.



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