Refurbished 800 Note TCDU Dispenser for Hantle or Genmega ATM’s


Refurbished Ultrasonic TCDU Hantle and Genmega ATM Dispenser (800 note fixed cassette) Compatible with Hantle 1700W, C4000, Genmega G1900, G2500, Onyx.  These dispensers are great for locations like restaurants, bars or other areas where the air may contain grease from cooking or establishments that allow smoking.  ATM’s America and ATM Houston uses these dispensers in our bars, restaurants and smaller hotels.  In areas with smoke or kitchen grease in the air we usually have to change them out every couple of years.  In small hotels they will last for years and years.  Another advantage of the Hantle or Genmega ATM dispenser is that the TCDU repairs are less expensive than a CDU with removable cassettes.

*No core return required or return for $100.00 credit

**Six month warranty

Refurbished Genmega and Hantle TCDU dispenser


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