Key Pad Sanitizer Module UV-C Sanitizer, Vscan EPP


The UV-C EPP Sanitization Module kills 99% of germs and viruses with a single pass over the key pad.  Assure users of your ATM that you have gone the extra mile to protect against viruses and germs by adding the key pad sanitizer.  During these times everyone is, or should be, paying attention to where they go, who they come in contact with and what they touch.  By adding this inexpensive pin pad sanitizer module, you are showing your users that your ATM is safer to use than any other ATM without it.  This small but effective module scans the key pad 10 seconds after the transaction is finished to be ready for the next user.

This small key pad sanitizer could actually bring more customers to your store to use your ATM over others that don’t have it.  You could easily recover your investment quickly by the added customers using the ATM or spending money at your business.  Another great feature is that with the module you add another layer of protection by hiding your PIN with the raised sides of the module so other can’t easily see and copy your PIN.

Complimentary software updates will further reduce risk to users by allowing them to conduct the entire transaction using only the keypad, eliminating the need for users to touch other buttons that are not automatically sanitized.

***The key pad sanitization module will be available to ship coming this fall.  Order now to get your pin pad sanitizer first when available this fall.

To see the key pad sanitizer in action visit

Key Pad Sanitizer Compatability

  • 1700
  • 1700W
  • C6000
  • C6000 Level 1
  • C6000P
  • G2500
  • G2500 Level 1
  • G2500P
  • G2500P Level 1
  • Onyx
  • Onyx Level 1
  • Onyx-P
  • Onyx-P Level 1
  • Onyx-W
  • Onyx-W 2K


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