Hyosung Pin Pad – Advance Exchange – Refurbished


A factory refurbished Hyosung 6000K pin pad.  Pin pad can either be gold or gray to match your ATM.  We will ship your refurbished pin pad to you with a return shipping label for the core return subject to terms below.

***If core is returned within 15 days and is repairable a refund of $100.00 will be credited to your account.  Must be 6000K.  Hyosung will no longer repair the 5000K***

  • REFURBISHED PCI 3.0 EPP  Country – USA (Does Not Include Mounting Bracket, Spacer, Or Adapter Cable)
  • Ref Part Number : S7130020100
  • Models : NH1500 (gold), NH1520 (gold) MX 5000CE (Grey), MX 5200T, NH 2700T, NH 1800SE, NH 1800CE, NH 2700CE, MX 5200SE, HALO II , HALO, HALO S , MX 4000W, MX 5000SE, MX 5200

refurbished hyosung pin pad


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