GUARDIAN – Electronic Power Conditioner


The Guardian is the best electronic surge protector power conditioner.

The Guardian is a complete surge protector line conditioner solution that offers comprehensive power protection for ATM’s, point of sale (POS) systems, kiosks, digital signage, computer systems, and other microprocessor-based equipment.

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Eliminate power issues that cause disruption, degradation, and destruction to electronic equipment. Benefits include enhanced operation, reduced downtime and extended operating life.

Protection Where It Counts Guardian surge protector line conditioner

Smart Power Systems offers our Guardian with transformer based filter technology for complete power protection for your business. The Smart Power Systems’ electronic power conditioners help protect electronic system and components from high voltage surges. The Guardian also work to prevent low voltage spikes and the elimination of downtime and complications from disruptive line noise.

Using TBF™ technology to deliver clean power and unparalleled performance, you’ll never have to worry again when it comes to power protection. Whether you experience a minor or major power spike, our Guardian system will protect your business and keep your bottom line safe. For more information about what our Guardian can do for you


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