ATM Alarm System


ATM Alarm


Protect your ATM from burglary with a good yet inexpensive ATM Alarm System. The alarm is completely self sufficient and operates independently of your ATM.  Battery life is about 2-2.5 years and with a 130dB ATM alarm and will work on all ATM manufacturer models.  Special pricing in effect now!

The Integrated Impact Detection Alarm System, or  (Eye-Des), provides security protection against vandalism, excessive abuse, tampering, unauthorized intrusion and theft.

IIDAS® controllers are revolutionary because they use a precision designed impact/abuse sensor. The patented impact/abuse sensor may be adjusted to detect varying levels of shaking, rocking or abuse. An integrated circuit is provided which will activate audible, visible or silent alarms, as well as interface with still frame and closed circuit cameras, or other peripheral devices.




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