ATM Enclosures

Custom ATM Enclosures

ATM enclosures have many benefits over not having one.  Your ATM will stand out above other companies that do not use them unless required to.  The ATM enclosure will help reduce the dust that may get into your ATM and cause equipment failures.  Your upscale clients will not have a metal box to look at but instead a nice piece of furniture.  Our quality and price outperforms the competition in every way.  Our goal at ATM’s America is to be the best in quality and service.  These are the two things we can control in every aspect of our business.

Genmega Onyx with custom oak enclosure

Pictured is a Genmega 3000 Onyx in a custom oak ATM enclosure.  Oak, Birch and Maple are the same price.  We can provide any wood of your choosing and will quote your price to your specifications.  Unfinished Enclosure $595.00, painted $695.00, stained $795.00 or standard laminate $995.00.  All slide on enclosures have four L brackets inside the front for added support.  All stain is oil base with sanding sealer and two coats lacquer.  This is our new style to accommodate digital advertising inserts in the top of the enclosure.  Shipping not included.

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hyosung force custom laminate enclosure

Pictured is a custom laminate enclosure with Hyosung 2800 Force ATM.  The front folds down to floor to access the vault.  Call for quote.  Shop drawings provided by customer.  We will provide final drawings for approval before production.  Price does not include shipping.

Genmega G2500 painted atm enclosure

Painted enclosure to match wall covering.  This is our old style before we added the extra height to accommodate the  digital advertising screens that can be added to the enclosure.  This was done at the request of one of our customers and decided to make it standard for all ATM enclosures.  All slide on enclosures have four L brackets inside front for added support.  Unpainted for $595.00, painted for $695.00 plus shipping.

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